Brand Personalities & Presenters

The right voice for your brand

Find the right person to represent your brand, product, organisation or event online. Our team of trained performers and presenters can provide you with a relatable personality for your online brand, helping you to engage with your audience.

Live Collaborations & Guest spots

Join efforts with well known names

Bring in guests or collaborators to your live stream to add brand weight, new insights or affinity with your community to add engagement to your streams. Our team can help you find, manage and facilitate online collaborators and guests for any brand.

Live Streaming & Promotion

Create engaging live streams

From technical setup, creating visuals and planning content to delivering engaging streams and building a community, there are a lot of things to consider to deliver a successful live stream. Our team can help you with every step along the way and help you deliver high quality live streams to your audience.

Influencer Marketing

Get your brand into the right hands

Have your products, services or brand featured in live streams by well known streamers. We can help you find the right streamers and manage your influencer marketing campaign through sponsorships or endorsements.

Live Events

Add something special to your live event

In partnership with:

Through our partnership with leading event entertainment company Pastiche, we are able to provide entertainers, presenters, live streaming and videography support to any event. Providing you a start to finish service to make your event something special.

Community Building

Build and engage with your community live

The cornerstone of any successful live stream is the ability to create a strong and engaged community around your brand. Our team can provide a community growth and engagement strategy and provide engaging visuals and tools to help you build and maintain a powerful community around your streams.

Our Performance Talent Pool

Dancers & Choreography

Presenters & MCs

Musicians, Bands & Solo Artists

Designer, Artists & Illustrators

Circus & freakshow performers

Cosplayer & Costume Performers

Influencers & personalities

Actors & Stage Performers

Horror Performers

Models & Photographers

Erotic Performers


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