Our Story

TheCreativeBridge was created by Jamie Del Grosso, Owner of award-winning creative consultancy Gravitas Group and Kita Chidwick, Social media entrepreneur and performer. They identified the ever-growing trend of short-form video marketing and performance based trends to create affinity with the modern consumer.

Our team aims to bring together knowledge and expertise of marketing, behavioral psychology, trend analysis, videography and performance to create modern marketing for progressive brands which aim to capture the attention of the modern consumer.

With offices in Hull and Leeds our team operate throughout the UK and across the globe to deliver break-through, modern marketing for any project.


Jamie Del Grosso

Partner/ Director

Kita Chidwick

Partner/ Director

Paul Taylor

Pastiche/ Talent Acquisition

We are partnered with Pastiche. Pastiche is one of the UK’s leading Event and Entertainment Management Companies offering a service that has set new standards in Event Management for the past 20 years and providing our clients access to a vast network of 400+ highly trained performers and entertainers for their content.

Our Performance Talent Pool

Dancers & Choreography

Presenters & MCs

Musicians, Bands & Solo Artists

Designer, Artists & Illustrators

Circus & freakshow performers

Cosplayer & Costume Performers

Influencers & personalities

Actors & Stage Performers

Horror Performers

Models & Photographers

Erotic Performers


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